Yes. It is possible to cut your Seresto collar if it is too long. The manufacturer recommends that the collar be long enough to fit two fingers comfortably beneath it and suggests using scissors or a box cutter to trim off any excess length. Before trimming, make sure that the active ingredient pieces on the inside of the collar are still intact. To prevent particles from getting in your pet’s fur, you may also want to cover them with a piece of tape as you are cutting. After doing so, check that the ends are sealed so that no active ingredients will be released. Additionally, refrain from removing too much material from the collar as this may reduce its effectiveness against fleas and ticks.

Step 1: Turn the dial located on the back of the collar

The Seresto collar offers pet owners a convenient way to protect their pet from fleas and ticks. But sometimes, the collar can be too long for your pet’s neck, leaving you wondering if it’s possible to adjust the size. Fortunately, yes! It is possible to adjust the collar length by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Turn the dial located on

Step 2: Carefully measure the collar for fit, making sure not to over tighten it

Once you have determined that the collar needs to be shortened, the next step is to measure and prepare the collar for fit. Carefully measure the existing collar while your pet is wearing it on their neck, making sure not to overtighten it. Measurements should provide a snug fit so that your pet can move its head freely. It’s important to leave enough room between the collar and their neck so they won’t experience any discomfort while they wear it.

When measuring, keep in mind that Seresto collars are designed with extra material to make sure that if your pet grows, the same collar will continue to fit them without needing to be replaced. With this in mind, if you are in doubt about either trimming or not trimming, opt for leaving more extra material instead of cutting too much off.

Step 3: Secure the lock clip at one end of the collar

Before you cut your Seresto collar, it’s important to secure it with the included lock clip. The lock clip prevents the collar from sliding off and keeps your pet’s neck seresto collar flea treatment for dogs safe. Start by placing one end of the collar in the hollow of the lock clip and securing it closed. You’ll then put that lock clip onto the corresponding loop on one end of the Seresto collar. To make sure you’ve done this correctly, give each end a gentle tug to ensure that they are secure before proceeding. Finally, use scissors (not wire cutters) to trim your Seresto collar if necessary. This is especially important for large breed dogs who may need a shorter length than smaller breeds. Remember to leave two fingers worth of space between your pup’s neck size and the buckle holder so they can breathe comfortably!

Step 4: Gently pull out excess length from both ends of the collar and fold together

Once you have measured your dog’s neck size and marked the spot on the collar where it should be cut, the next step is to gently pull out any excess length from both ends of the Seresto Collar. To do this, simply hold one end of the collar in one hand and carefully fold outwards with other until you reach your marked spot. Then, do the same to the other end of the collar. This will ensure that when you cut off the excess length at each end, they will match up evenly and give your pup a comfortable fit.

Once you have pulled out any excess length from both ends ofthe Seresto Collar, you can then firmly but carefully cut off any excess portion at each end with scissors. Be sure to make a clean cut and make sure that there is not too much material hanging off either side. Finally, dispose of any unused portions of the collar properly by throwing them away in an appropriate trash receptacle.

Final thoughts

While it is possible to adjust and shorten a Seresto colllar, cutting one or trimming its length is not recommended and can compromise its efficacy as an insect preventative. Therefore, if you need to readjust your pet’s Seresto collar for size, always use the dial on its back and follow these guidelines for best results.

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